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Universitiy Harvard:

Prepared by Mohd. Ikram
        Homeless to Harvard is a movie based on true story of Elizabath Murray’s life. Living in a hard condition during her child did not make her give up easily and finally, she succeeds to enter the Harvard University with New York Times scholarship. The story of Lizz Murray can be analyzed by theory in educational psychology. In this review several theory in educational psychology will be used that is the theories by Piaget, Bronfanbrenner, Vygotsky, and Erik Erikson. About the movie, it is very nice, inspiring, but with no subtitles. So quite hard to understand the language . I was so motivated when Lizz can finished her high school for just 2 years rather than 4 years. There also several quotation that motivated me. For example...

~I don't want to become an idiot, I want to go to school~

~I'm smart and I know I can succeed. I just need the chance~

~I know that there is a world out there that better, and I want to live in it~

~But, what if I work hard even more...~

          From the movie, the social development of Lizz during her childhood is strongly affected by the microsystem. According to Bronfanbranner, it is the system that directly contact with the children. Lizz was developed in the family of drug addict and alcoholic. Less care by her parent makes she didn’t even know how to take care of her hygiene correctly. This has been shown in the movie that she is smelly when go to school and also has been inform by her teacher. Although, Lizz live in a quite good Exosystem in the term of rules in the education. By referring to the movie, the government is quite strict in ensuring all the children go to school. It can be view when the authority comes to Lizz house just to make sure she attend the school and take some action if Lizz ignore the rule. This is oen of the example of a good system in ensuring the positive development of each of the children.

          Although Lizz was developed in negative family, she manages to overcome the problem by choosing to continue her study and work very hard. This show that, in Erik Erikson fifth stages, identity versus identity confusion, Lizz has manage to choose positive future path that is what she want to be. During child, she can’t make a proper decision as the cognitive development is still not developed well. It can be explain with Piaget’s theory. When reaching age 15, she manage to make a better decision as during that period of times, the mental state is already reach formal operational stage. During this stage one is capable of using hypothetical and deductive reasoning and this make s Lizz can choose her life to become better or to remain in same condition. The change that was made by Lizz was supported by her teacher in her new school. According to Vygostky, the social influence for example the instruction by teacher on children cognitive development is very important. Lizz’s dreams to improve her life in education can’t be done by herself as it is in the zone of proximal development. Thus, this is where the role of teachers is very important.

          The movies has shows that how the individual and the society is related with each other in determining how the human develop. The society condition will influenced the path that will be choose by someone, but eventually, it is depend on the individual which path that will be taken, whether want to have positive life or negative life. I believed that, we can choose our own path (with the permission of Allah of course). If we choose to become good, then we will become good, but if we choose the opposite, we will get the result.
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