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Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of nickel films from Ni(C5H5)2/H2

Nickel is an example of material that was commonly used in microelectronics. It has been produced through a various method of Chemical Vapor Deposition. One of the precursor that was used in the production is Nickelocene Ni(C5H5)2 or NiCp2. This experiment has been conducted to examine the characteristics of the Nickel film deposited by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition with nickleocene as the precursor in various temperatures and various H2/Ar flow rate ratio.

1. Materials:
i. Precursor: Nickelocene [Ni(C5H5)2]
ii. Substrate: p-Si (100) wafer.
iii. Carrier gas: Hidrogen gas (H2/Ar). Argon was used to prevent early decomposition of precursor.
2. Procedure:
 i. Characterization of NiCp2 chemical reaction was done by using FTIR, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
- The precursor and carries gas that was flow to the gas cell was monitored by using FTIR spectrometer.
- The TGA and DSC were performed in N2 atmosphere which the heating rate was 100C/min and temperature range -2500C.
ii. NiCp2 is a solid in room temperature. It was sublimed with Argon before mixed with carrier gas, H2 in order to prevent premature decomposition. The parameter used for deposition of the Ni(C5H5)2 are:
- Sublimator temp: 700C (vapor pressire at this temperature is 0.4 torr)
- Reactor temp: varies from 170 to 3000C
- Reactor pressure: 100 torr
- Carries gas (H2/Ar) flow rate: varies from 50/50 to 100/0 sccm
- Total gas flow: 130 sccm
- Argon flow rate through the sublimator: 30 sccm
iii. The deposited film then was examined by using suitable instrument as below:
- Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA)
- UV-VIS for examined optical reflectance
- MAX Science x-ray diffratometer for examined crystal structure
- SEM for examined surface morphology
- 4-point probe for examined electrical conductivity
The deposition of Nickel compound in substrate was successfully done. The quality if the deposition was strongly affected by deposition temperature and H2/Ar flow rate ratio.

Kang. J., Rhe. S., 2000. Metalorganic Chemical vapor deposition of nickel oxide films from Ni(C5H5)2/O2, Thin Solid Films 1.391. 57-61.
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