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Ohh.. actually, there is nothing to do with the picture.. Just copy paste from nowhere

Initially, I thought this phenomenon only occurred in Malaysia until I watched this video by Baba Ali. In this video, Baba Ali discussed about the attitude of a certain Muslim that very,very strict (yes, I really meant it, really, really strict) in a certain part in the religion and in the same time, they take very easy on the other part.

Do you notice that many people are very sensitive about food? Whether it is halal or haram, have a Jakim label or not. People also very sensitive about the pig and dog issue.(sometimes I wonder.. Why those two?) But in the same time they didn't really sensitive about other halal and haram things such as the aurat, television programs, the relationship between men and women, mouth or words (In this case, try to look in the aspect of political issue, especially!!, you will notice that. Really easy to make ghibah or other types of verbal abuse).

Wait,wait, one more thing. Bidaah... Yes, bidaah. Bidaah in the religion, generally is haram.

It's kind of weird? hmm. By the way, enjoy the video..

I pray to Allah SWT, so that I'll become a full time muslim and a not part time muslim.. Amin..


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